Thursday, May 02, 2013

Would You Rather: Be hot or cold all the time?

I know, friends, this looks like a pretty innocent question. But you'd be surprised at the lively debate it tends to stir up in our house. It seems that people have very strong opinions when it comes to this all-important question -- opinions that are right up their with their plans for world peace and their thoughts on the Kardashian clan. The bottom line: Everyone has a preference when it comes to the hot-or-cold debate.

Where do you stand, friends? Would you rather be hot or cold all the time? Think before you answer...look for my answer in the comments! xoxo


  1. I'd rather be cold. At least I can find warm drinks and cover myself up. Since I spend most of my time in a tropical weather country, I can also vouch that perpetually warm weather unfortunately means greater likelihood of bodily reactions to warm weather...not cool.

    p.s. I forgot to congratulate you on your new site - well done!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Ooh - definitely hot - my brain turns to mush when I'm cold!

  3. Thanks, Chic -- i'm in love with the new design! :)

  4. i'd MUCH rather be my sister and i say "the cold is painful."

    maybe that's why i love summer so much?

  5. I think I'd rather be cold. At least then you can put layers on. And you're not sweating all over the place!

  6. I'd rather be cold...definitely!

  7. I'd rather be cold because then I can bundle up


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