Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Do or Don't: The disability edition

My mom is well into her last week of school before summer vacation, and this week, her students are reading a book about a girl with cerebral palsy. To teach them about disabilities in the real world, she made an awesome PowerPoint and was so excited to show it to me. It was the first PowerPoint she ever made, and she was quite proud of herself -- and so was I. She included everything from why inclusion is so important in schools to some facts about Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome and how I've dealt with my disability over the years. My favorite slide, though, was this one, on what to do and what not to do when interacting with someone with a physical disability...
I'm a big fan of speaking directly to the person. I can't tell you how many times I've been out with someone, especially at a restaurant, and people will come up to us and ask questions as if I'm not even there. It's all about squashing those stereotypes, friends! Way to go, Mom!

P.S. Disability bingo and common disability misconceptions.


  1. I was wondering how you feel on this one: Some people say "disabled people," whereas I've been of the opinion (and have been taught) that it's better to say "person living with a developmental disability." I'd be interested in your take on this.

  2. I love this question, Magi -- and i do have a strong opinion about it!! Will definitely do a post on it soon!! thanks for asking!

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  4. Pat and pray?! I can't imagine, but I'm so glad you and your Mama are working to educate people!

  5. My nephew gets prayed over all the time! I'm so glad you posted this, because it's rather invasive and presumptuous. I also didn't realize it was such a widespread issue!


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