Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Photos: Our Arizona adventure (Part Two)

Yesterday, I shared some fun photos from our big adventure out west in 2007 -- remember the heat stroke? In the name of full disclosure about my past, let's continue this little trip down memory lane, shall we? So after I'd recovered from that nasty case of heat stroke, I did a bit of exploring around the The Phoenician, the posh hotel we were staying at...
I admire the outdoor fountain...
I fell in love with cacti (and yes, I'm wearing a "World's Greatest Dad" t-shirt)...
I even made friends with an interesting statue...
One of the nine pools....look at that walking bridge!

The next day, we drove to Palm Springs to visit my aunt and uncle.

We lounged in the pool...
Ate great food...
And enjoyed beautiful mountain views.

So, friends, what's your all-time favorite vacation spot? Any place surprise you? I'd love to hear all about it! xoxo


  1. Oh, those pools–how gorgeous! We've been devoted to a little island off the coast of Mexico for years, but our recent roadtrip has opened up a whole world of vacationing possibilities!

  2. 9 pools!?! That is more than posh. I think there needs to be a new word to describe how swanky that is!

  3. There's nothing like the beach, Elle!!! I really miss the Gulf of Mexico!!

  4. The Phoenician is gorge! I'm somewhat taking it for granted, being that it's my backyard, just driving through and never staying there!


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