Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day: 10 Fun Gift Ideas

Lobster bottle opener for fun summer barbecues, $16.
An illuminaire moon stake because he was obsessed with space as a kid, $25.
This eye glasses holder since he's always losing his specs, $18.
This baseball game because it's his favorite pastime -- and so he can play year-round, $48.
Emergency clown nose, so he'll always be nosed and ready, $5.
Einstein socks in honor of his favorite scientist, $9.99.
An iPhone case because he's finally moving into the 21st Century, $19.95.
A 6- or 12-month subscription to the Candy of the Month Club from famed Dylan's Candy Bar to satisfy his huge sweet tooth.
A funny card with a heartfelt message because, whether he admits it or not, he's a big sentimental softy at heart, $4.50.
A father-daughter date to go see Man of Steel because, well, your father's always been your Superman.


  1. Love the candy of the month! I want that!

  2. I love that last one... too sweet. I laughed out loud at the clown nose.

    Now. Here. Life.

  3. Great ideas! Candy of the month - brilliant!

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