Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NYC Diaries: 4 reasons to love summer in the city

New York is a great city with wonderful things to do and see throughout the year, but let’s face it: There’s nothing like a warm and beautiful city summer. This is my third summer officially working here, so I’ve had plenty of time to get used to and relish in the wonderful sights and activities this place has to offer. And over the past few years, I’ve grown to love some of the places and events that make these summers unique to the Big Apple...

A park with a view!
The High Line is perhaps the most serene area in the whole City. If there’s one place to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets but not travel TOO far, it’s here. A public park built on a historic railroad above the streets of NYC, the High Line is my favorite place to go to catch a break. There are flowers and grassy patches and vendors of all different kinds of things, from street art to gelato. I used to visit the park every morning during my first internship at the Oxygen Network, reading and trying to get a tan out in the lounge area.

Pet paradise!
It seems that everyone who lives in New York City has a dog, and summer is the season when you can’t step outside without passing by someone walking his or her pet. I’m an animal lover, so it’s always fun to see all the different dogs interact and play with each other. It serves as a reminder of the simpler pleasures in life.

Street style!
One of the best parts of summer is that we can shed our heavy and often less-than-cute winter coats and galoshes in favor of sundresses and strappy sandals. Summer always has the nicest fashions, and it’s great to see the variety of pretty outfits people wear to work as well as on their days off. And New York is never short on style!

Celebrity spotting at the gym!
Along with warmer weather comes more outdoor activities, which means that everyone’s rushing to the local gyms to sculpt that last-minute beach body. (I’ll admit that I’m one of those people.) And the best part is that celebrities frequent many of the NYC gyms. Hugh Jackman works out down the block from my office, for instance. And singer Sara Bareilles was in my gym just a few days ago! But not everyone depends on the gym to lose the extra winter weight. Summer’s the season where you’ll see a lot of joggers passing by. And it’s always nice to see the cute guys of New York shed their shirts and show off their near-perfect abs after a long day at work, isn’t it?
Have a happy summer!

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--By Caitlin from Stream of Caitlinness

[Photos via We Heart It]


  1. Before kids, my husband and I would visit NYC at least once in the summer. (Sometimes twice.) His family lives in NJ so it was an easy trip for us. SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to take our girls there some time.

  2. I wouldn't mind a nice man-ab sighting after work! ha!

    Can't wait to visit NYC someday. :)

    As a fellow animal lover, seeing all the pups play would be so awesome!


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