Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Peek Inside: My first week on Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I've been one busy bee this past week. I've been snapping, snapping and -- you guessed it -- snapping away as I learn the ropes of this social media playground. Well, the early reviews are in, and it's a hit, to say the least. I thought only my blog could give me those classic self-actualization moments, but it looks like I was quite wrong. Over the last week, I've learned a few things about myself. One, I am completely, there's-no-going-back addicted to Instagram -- who knew it would only take a week? And two? Well, it seems my favorite types of photos fall into two categories...
I love to capture Harry and Stella in their cutest poses; doesn't Harry look like a cat model? He's such a poser...
And, I apparently have a thing for food photography -- again, who knew?

What types of photos dominate your Instagram, friends? Do you find yourself documenting a certain aspect of your life the most? What was the last photo you took? xoxo

P.S. Speaking of Instagram, if you take a gander to your left, you'll notice a couple slight changes. I've had Jenny from Maiedae make an Instagram button to go with the rest of my social media icons and a beautiful "email me" box. Translation: You can connect with me even easier now. Thanks so much, Jenny! :)


  1. My kitty and 2 pups dominate my Instagram. Rightfully so, they're pretty adorbs. Cute kitties up there!!!

  2. Well, food and gorgeous sunsets definitely dominate my Instagram photos. I'm addicted, too! I knew you would be haha!

  3. You were right,'s just so easy to whip out your phone and snap a pic. my mom and sister always roll their eyes, but they'll thank me one day when i have photos of that time we got frosty's for dessert! :)

  4. My Instagram is made up mostly of flowers. Buuut I haven't been on in months ): It's so fun though. I love it.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  5. I am following from day one. That being said you still need a profile pic girl. Get at it ;)

    I sometimes find myself not posting at all for a couple of days and then several times a day. It depends but I don´t plan on it. Totally spontaneous!

  6. When I looked at all my photos, I was surprised by how dark and color-saturated they were. Strange, since I love light and white!


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