Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dream Home do or don't: Oversized photos

So, what's the verdict on oversized photos? We have the above two framed prints adorning the ends of our hallway. It's sort of funny because I don't even remember when or where we got them; I just remember them always being a part of our home decor, and they make me smile every time I roll past them. Here are a few more that are making me fall in love with the trend...

Kitchen photos...

Living room photos...
Vacation photos...

Well, friends, what do you think? Is this a home decor do or don't for you? Do you have many photos in your home? How do you display them? What's your favorite type of photo to take? Do you take a lot of personal photos? xoxo


  1. LOVE that kitchen–and I think oversized photos can be so stunning!

  2. Yes! I have a few of my own prints that I want to enlarge into posters. Makes it so personal.

  3. I love photos! I have one completed gallery wall (one of my husband and I). I'm in the process of doing two more (one for friends and another just to travel-all the places we have been on vacation together). We also have three 24x36 canvases hanging up too!


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