Monday, July 29, 2013

Family Photos: My father's photo album

We spent a lot of family time over the weekend remembering my father, who would have turned 62 on Saturday. One of our favorite things to do is pull out old family photos and just let the memories flow. My mom brought out one of my favorite photo albums, made by my aunts shortly after my father died. They gathered photos, and, together with words spoken at his memorial service, put together a sort of "life story" of my father. It's a beautiful life in pictures, and I always love flipping through it and seeing my father during the different stages of his life.

Well, in celebration of his birthday -- and the tenth anniversary of his suicide -- I thought it would be nice to share the book with you this week, friends. Look for a new installment every day. First up? His childhood and army days...

Tomorrow, look for some of his greatest achievements! xoxo


  1. Beautiful. So glad you've shared this with all your fans.


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