Monday, July 01, 2013

Family Photos: Summer afternoon fun!

Remember when I mentioned our little afternoon adventure last week? Well, friends, I've got the evidence to prove that it was, indeed, quite the adventure. Janelle had to get her tires fixed and needed to use my mom's car for the afternoon, so my mom and I decided to have a fun, leisurely afternoon.
We had Janelle drop us off at our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch (and my favorite birthday spot!). Now, I don't usually like to eat outside (did I ever tell you about the time I got sick in the desert? Not a good experience...), but the sun was shining and there was a cool breeze, so I threw caution to the wind and decided to be a rebel.

Surrounded by beautiful trees, we enjoyed chips and salsa before our meal...
...and I had the best enchiladas I've ever tasted. In my entire life. My mom enjoyed the tacos, and we split an order of rice and beans. It was the perfect lunch for a Friday afternoon.

How pretty are these flowers? They brightened up the patio, along with this calming fountain.
We then began the walk home. It's a trek we've made hundreds of times before, but this time, we forgot to count on one little thing. The weather. You see, there was a chance of afternoon showers, but we thought were invincible. Until, well, we weren't. A few blocks into our stroll, the skies opened and the rain started pouring down, first in little sprinkles and then in those huge droplets that stick to your clothes.
Luckily, a friend lived close by, so we were able to ride out the storm in her living room -- and enjoy a nice visit. It was almost 5 p.m. by the time we got home, and needless to say, we were pretty tired. BUT! It was a fun afternoon -- obviously one of these summer experiences that will stick out in my mind.

Have you had any outstanding summer adventures yet, friends? Do anything out of the ordinary? Get stuck in a summer storm? xoxo


  1. I LOVE enchiladas - i always get them at this little mexican place in boston and never get tired of them! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. Glad you weathered the weather. Ha. I seriously cannot get enough Mexican food ever! What a fun afternoon Melissa! :)

  3. Yummy lunch and beautiful pics!
    Happy fourth!


  4. Oh my! That food looks AMAZING! :-)

    I am a little partial to my love of all things Mexican though, with Mazatlan being a place where my heart feels at home..

    I don't mind getting caught in the rain - sometimes it adds a little humor (or excuse to stop and visit!) to the day :-)

  5. I haven't had breakfast yet, so those enchilada photos are making my tummy grumble! I think it's time for a breakfast burrito!

  6. Great pictures. What a beautiful setting for having lunch - and the food looks delicious. Very nice picture of you and you look very happy. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon spent with your mom. Great memories for sure.


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