Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Look: The royal baby is here!

These photos have been making the Internet rounds since William and Kate left the hospital yesterday, but I couldn't resist sharing such a little bundle of joy. Isn't the little prince adorable? That face! Those cheeks! Those hands! Congrats, William and Kate! xoxo

P.S. I love how William and Kate are beaming. They're going to be such fantastic parents!! :)

[Photos via Huffington PostPEOPLE and HELLO]


  1. And I'm so glad that Kate looks like a real mom with her tummy after labor... like all the women in planet earth...

  2. I love his little grumpy face! They are going to be great parents. Welcome to the world George Alexander Louis!

  3. I hadn't these photos. Seriously. Lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love how people who don't live in the UK are more overjoyed at the birth of our new Prince George than most people in the UK :)

    I love how they're so normal! He fixed that car seat in the back of their car in 7 seconds. SEVEN SECONDS. He's going to be an ace dad.


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