Friday, July 26, 2013

Have a fun weekend

Happy Friday, friends! Another summer week has come and gone...what are you doing this weekend? Tomorrow would have been my father's 62nd birthday, so we'll be spending the day together, reminiscing and remembering. And speaking of birthdays, Yours Truly will be turning the big 3-2 in just nine days! Can you tell I'm a bit excited? Hope you all have a great weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

We went to see The Heat last weekend, and I laughed until my side hurt. Two thumbs up!

I'm craving a relaxing day on the boardwalk.

Success after 30.

70 little ways you can tell that someone loves you.

Wow, it's a young Samantha Jones from The Carrie Diaries.

Dream Vacation: Cozy cabins.

BreakupText makes saying goodbye even easier in the digital age.

It looks like Gawker has some big decisions to make.

Are you a Facebook stalker?

Such a beautiful love story.

These city surfers are cool.

A frog with an umbrella.

Funny parody of Anthropologie.

One house, all sorts of weather changes.

How to make perfume.

Aren't these crystals gorgeous?

This could quite possibly be my new favorite Web site.

Fashion do or don't: Dad jeans?

Vineyard wedding = SO romantic.

Three big rules for innovation.

Pretty pink flowers for summer.

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[Photo via bippity boppity boo]


  1. my boyfriend has been begging me to see The Heat..I will have to go! xo -kb


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