Monday, July 22, 2013

Man Candy Monday.

Happy Monday, friends! How is your day going so far? I thought we'd kick the week off with a bit of humor because after a sexy brain, humor always wins. And this guy? Well, let's just say that he's quite the winner. He's managed to keep that down-to-earth innocence about him despite the trappings of Hollywood. He's not afraid to be himself. And he leaves my funny bone smarting every single time...

CHARLIE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

"Starting out, I bet I didn't get a lot of parts because of my strange voice. I'm not consciously thinking, 'Hey, sound like a squeaky dog toy mixed with a bagful of rusty nails.' It's just what my voice has done."


  1. Oh man, a hilarious person is just instantly hot. I just told Mr. B yesterday how my love language is humor. I can't get enough!

  2. I love Charlie! And it helps that people tell my boyfriend that he looks (and acts) like him. ;]

  3. Aawww I love Charlie!! He is so adorable. I love that he and The Waitress are actually married in real life. My husband bought me a Charlie bobble head for Xmas last year too :)

  4. lol.. i was just gonna say I love the way his voice goes all squeaky and pitchy. It's what we are most self conscious of that other sometimes like the most about you.

  5. He is just adorable, love him.

    P.S. I'm giving away 8 sponsor spots today, I would love for you to come and enter!

  6. Oh he is quite the cutie! I was just watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia today with my brother & he is such a goofball. Hahaha

    Flounces & Hubbub


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