Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rare photos of Princess Diana

The world -- and the Internets -- jumped for joy yesterday when news broke that William and Kate had welcomed a baby boy...a little prince and the future heir to the British throne! Were you constantly checking for updates like I was? With Royal Fever reaching scorching levels this week, these rare photos of Princess Diana are all the more poignant, don't you think? That's Diana and Charles, above, with a young William during his first official photo shoot...

Now all we have to do is wait for a name for the new royal. What are your favorite baby names? xoxo

P.S. Princess Diana on love.

[Via TIME]


  1. Oh, wow, those are great photos. Its crazy how Prince William looked just like Diana for the last 28 years or so and now he looks JUST like his dad!

  2. Love these! I'm so thrilled for them!

  3. Great shots...so wish Diana was here to see her grandson!


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