Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Great Clean of 2013: Update #1

So! I'm sure you all remember my summer project. When I first posted about The Great Clean of 2013 a few weeks ago, I had the highest of hopes -- you know, those grand dreams that put stars in your eyes and send your heart fluttering with wild anticipation. I was determined to be one lean, mean, cleaning machine. I was pumped. I was ready. I was all set...
That is, well, until I wasn't. I tried really hard at first. I did. And then, something weird happened. I realized it last night just as I was going to bed. Over the last couple of weeks, I've not cleaned out a bin so much as I gained half a bin...
What? How is that even possible? But, I feel it's important that I come clean today -- no pun intended -- and be honest. As I said in the original post, I promised to report on my progress (or lack thereof...) throughout the summer, and you all know that I'm a woman of my word. So, it's back to the drawing board this week...or, should I say back to the bins? I'll report back again soon. Wish me luck, friends! xoxo


  1. Haha! That sounds exactly like me :-) Organized chaos!

  2. EXACTLY!! I know exactly where everything's just not stacked all nice and pretty. :)

  3. Same here! I realized that one of the keys of organization is to know how to get rid of unnecessary papers and other stuff immediately. Good luck, Melissa. It's a great cause! Xo,

  4. De-cluttering can be so cathartic!



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