Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Video Hello: In which I reveal my Target addiction

My name is Melissa Blake, and I'm an addict...


  1. This was fun to watch! I have been thinking about doing a vlog for so long but haven't done one yet.

    And you are not alone when it comes to Target. I also am the same way when it comes to CDs! I like having a sort of "physical object" rather than just files that float around the digital world.

    xo JA

  2. Love the videos! I also, have a HUGE love of Target!!! I call it my Tiffany's...

  3. Whoever created Target is an evil genius. But it's my happy place.

    Love the video! And I didn't know you were on Instagram! Following now!

  4. You, my dear, have a shopping addiction. But I'm right there with you!!! It's so bad - I totally need an editor while shopping, someone to just tell me "No, Cait, you don't need those Disney princess stickers..."

  5. LOL, Caitlin, but everyone needs princess stickers!! :)


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