Wednesday, August 07, 2013

City tattoos

I love these simple, understated city tattoos, don't you? What a way to show your hometown pride! I'd go for tiny stalks of corn on my ankles... xoxo

P.S. More tattoo love: Haters, summer and prism.

[Via Vagabond Ink]


  1. Lindsay and i just got matching anchors on our inner ankles on monday, I was alway terrified at the idea, but i have wanted it for years now, Its small enough that i can cover it as a teacher, but i love it! Get one that will have meaning to you forever, the meaning behind the anchor will still be relevant and important to me when i'm 80! Its a small simple reminder to myself, I am all for meaningful tattoos, i dont however like the idea of getting one just to have one!

  2. Very cute idea but mine would definitely be corn stalks as well. Too funny:)


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