Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Photos: My late-summer Target shopping fun!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I live-grammed (and yes, I just invented that cool word...) my last classic shopping trip of the summer last Friday. I had a doctor's appointment that morning, so I decided to make a fun day of it. And what screams fun more than a hair cut and some quality Target time...?
As you can see, my hair had reached unruly, bordering-on-jungle-messy territory. It had reached Defcon 5 levels, and I had to do something before things got even more out of control.

As you can see, my newly cut hair made me feel like a new woman. I felt refreshed, calm and cool as a cucumber, I was in the perfect state of mind to cruise up and down the lovely aisles of Target.
I was there with a mission: School supplies. Oh, those signs kept luring me closer and closer to all the goodies.

Even though it's been years since I sat in a classroom, but I still become as giddy as a schoolgirl every year. All those notebooks, pens, pencils and composition books are so intoxicating.

It's incredibly too easy to do massive amounts of damage in just a short amount of time, as you can see from our cart -- and from Wednesday's Video Hello (watch for it...).
And of course, Harry had to check out the new toaster oven that we bought. It passed his inspection.

So, friends, are you a big fan of back-to-school shopping, even if you're not exactly in school anymore? What have you been buying at Target lately? Any fun, cool or interesting finds? I'd love to hear about it! xoxo


  1. Why is it that everything is just BETTER when written in a classic composition notebook?

  2. Exactly, plastic!! And it's even better when you use the perfect pen! Can you tell I'm a bit particular? LOL

  3. I actually THRILLED reading the words "school supplies". I spent hours every August arranging and labeling, organizing and itemizing...


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