Friday, August 16, 2013

Have a great weekend

Whew! Happy (very late!) Friday, friends...what a busy day! I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and this afternoon, I played hooky and went out to lunch and did some shopping. I posted a few photos of my fun trip on Instagram, but look for a full report next week. What are you doing this weekend? We're getting together with friends tomorrow and then laying low on Sunday. Hope you have a great weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Quite possibly the best online shopping site. Ever.

9 songs that were inspired by books.

Being the middle child rocks, according to Cory Matthews.

How attractive are you to the opposite sex?

What an interesting love story.

Fashion and beauty trends that won't break the bank.

The 5 scariest buildings in America.

Powerful quotes from the new Steve Jobs movie...will you be seeing it?

Men on that moment they knew they had to marry their girlfriends.

Awww, how can you not love Matt Damon?

13 more reasons I want to live in New York City.

Childhood flashback: These toys are worth a fortune now.

Texts From Superheroes.


Are we giving trolls too much attention?

Have you ever just asked a guy why you got rejected? This writer did.

Oh yes! Which popstar is your alter ego?

How much do you blog about work? A cautionary tale.

The ultimate guide to chocolate chip cookies? I'm sold.

This is why I HATE bats!

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  1. I'm up early and some links are just what I needed this morning! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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