Friday, August 02, 2013

Have a relaxing weekend

Good afternoon, friends, and happy Friday! I've really enjoyed putting together this week's Family Photos and Birthday Series posts -- thanks so much for all the kind words. Speaking of birthdays, my birthday is creeping up fast. IT'S. THIS. SUNDAY. Can you believe it? I'm sooooo excited, and will share some fun photos next week. In the meantime, hope you all have a great weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

The Oxford English Dictionary has changed its definition of marriage! Yayyy!

Marilyn Monroe was such a classic beauty. Remember her views on women?

Looks like denim isn't just for fashion.

Google can translate your handwriting.

My problem: I sometimes feel like a slave to technology.

Doesn't this summer strawberry crisp look delicious?

Would you ever fly a plane?

The surprising weekend habits of highly effective people.

What does your engagement ring say about you?

Who Writes for the New York Times? catalogs the gender breakdown of writers featured on the front page of its Web site. Fascinating!

Terrific typography.

Is your cat your significant other?

A site dedicated to the awesome 1950s? Oh, yes!

HA! Poe-ka-dots...get it?

Heads up: The 5 biggest lies guys are telling this year.

This show never fails to make me smile...and they've done it again!

A Twitter-themed hotel? Now I'm intrigued...

Three words: Golden Girls dollhouse.

Quick-and-easy fruit crisps.

Ahhh, the classic armchair.

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[Ballet photo by Nicole Traveller, via Grey Likes Baby, via Snippet & Ink]

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