Friday, August 02, 2013

Which birthday dessert would you choose?

From gifts to desserts! I've got one big, bad case of a sweet tooth, which sometimes makes it nearly impossible to choose just one dessert for my birthday. Birthday cake is always a great staple, but this year, I'm opting for something a bit different.

That's where you come in, friends! I've (painstakingly!) narrowed it down to four possibilities...
*An ice cream cake
*Wendy's vanilla Frosty
*Dairy Queen Blizzard
*My mom's gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies -- a few made without the chocolate chips per my request

Which birthday dessert would you choose, friends? Any of the four jump out at you? I'd love your input! xoxo


  1. There is only one kind of birthday treat to have, and that is white cake with butter creme frosting.

    ^That is a FACT.

  2. The Ice Cream Cake.With some kind of chocolate in it.Candy bay pieces in the ice cream maybe?

  3. Blizzard! I haven't had one of those in ages! But if it were me I'd go with strawberry shortcake. That's been my birthday dessert ever since I was a kid! : )

  4. I'd go with the cookies! I love homemade cookies!

  5. Ice cream cake or cookies!

  6. I'm going against popular opinion with my choice of a slice of Oreo cheesecake. It's so good.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  7. I'm all about dairy queen. :) I think for my birthday this year I'm going to find myself a cronut!

  8. i ALWAYS over do it on my birthday! i'd go for the homemade cookies! (or a blizzard from dairy q! i havent had one of those in years) have a happy birthday! xo jillian Stop by cornflake dreams i'm hosting a minted giveaway!

  9. Happy birthday! My brother loved ice cream cake as a kid and I had my fair share so I can't vote for it. I would go with the frosty.
    However I like to turn my birthday into a week long event. Why not have one a day? ;) That way you don't need to choose.

  10. I don't like chocolate chip cookies in my chocolate chip cookies either!


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