Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Would You Rather: Be able to change your future or live at least a century?

Here's a dilemma for your Wednesday, friends: Let's say that you were shown two doors. One door would give you a peek into your future with the option of changing your future. The second door would guarantee that you live at least a century, but you wouldn't be able to see what the future would bring.

Which option would you choose? Look for my answer in the comments...this is such a tough one! xoxo

[Photo via We Heart It]


  1. I'd definitely choose the century...even if i could change my future, i'm not so sure i'd even want to see it in the first place...

  2. I'd change my future. I feel like people are living longer now anyways. Both of my great grandmas (two different sides of the family) lived to 103!


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