Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dream Home: Barn-style bedrooms

One of the (many!) perks of living in the Midwest is driving through the country in the fall and seeing barns towering in the distance. With the changing landscape as its backdrop, these beautiful structures seem to come alive. Well, how cool would it be to convert a barn into a cozy sleeping nook?

Talk about rustic charm! These spaces look so warm and inviting -- the kind of place I'd like to hole up in all day and just read magazines. Oh, yes, and drink apple cider. Lots and lots of apple cider. Who's with me, friends? xoxo

[Via 1 Kind Design]


  1. absolutely love the rustic look!

  2. Love this! I dream of having a cabin by a lake!

  3. love cabin homes, especially A-frames with those big windows.

  4. I would kill to know someone with a barn so I could have a wedding in it!

  5. Always wondered why home builders do not factor in nature more often in the design. It's always antiseptic metal plastic. Shouldn't be that all the time. In fact, why not build offices around woodwork? Companies have retreats in cabins after all; why not take the camaraderie in those and make that everyday? Make the layouts and the spaces more organic. Stuff like that.

    Yolande @ Co-Construct

  6. Oh man...I love all of these!!! I could stay there with books and cider and a blanket and never leave!


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