Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Favorite #3: Pretty ponytail

Confession: A part of me has always wanted long, flowing hair. The only problem? Once my hair starts to get past my shoulders, there's no going back. It's like the point of no return, where my hair is sucked down a Alice-In-Wonder-like rabbit hole. Seriously. It's just bad. Bad all the way around. And by bad, what I really mean is an unruly mess. So, I'm forced to get it cut short once again.

BUT! If I did have long hair, I'm pretty sure I'd wear it in a ponytail every single day during the cool autumn. Glamour has great ways to dress up your ponytail, and here are six more of my favorite looks...
Simple knot ponytail.
Braided ponytail.
Twisted ponytail.
Chic ponytail.
Vintage ponytail.
Messy ponytail.

Well, friends, what do you think? Would you rock the ponytail look this fall? Do you rock the trend all year? xoxo

P.S. Remember dip-dye hair?

[First collage from New York magazine's 30 Best Ponytails in History]


  1. The only ponytail I could pull of when I had long hair was the slicked straight back one. I just don't have the patience or hair type for the "fancy" ponies!

  2. I only wear ponytails at work, I prefer to wear my hair down.

  3. Hi sweetheart.. I appreciate you stopping by and lending me your kind remarks. Love this post, its always great seeing hair ideas, I love the second look with the braid in it.

  4. i chopped my hair off (even though i told myself never to chop my hair off the time before) and i'm painfully growing it back. i can tie it up in a messy but but i wish it to be longer to try these styles out! i love twists and braids!

  5. That twisted ponytail is pretty fantastic! I wear a ponytail most days, but it never looks like any of these! : )


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