Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Favorite #4: Emerald nails

Remember when Pantone named emerald its color of the year? Well, the trend is still going strong, and this fall, you can nail the look (pun intended...) with your own take on the earthy tone. Sparkly emerald! Emerald polka dots! Bright emerald! I just might have to pick up a bottle on my next trip to Walgreens...
Will you be sporting emerald nails this fall, friends? xoxo

P.S. More nail polish inspiration... :)

[Photos via Pinterest]


  1. I'm usually a red or nude girl, but I do love emerald nails this fall!

  2. seriously love this color, especially with some gold bling!

    xo The Egg

  3. GORGEOUS color! I think it's my new favorite fall nail color :)

  4. I adore all things emerald. Especially jewels. Bon weekend.

  5. color is so rich and gorgeous. i think i might pick up the color soon!


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