Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Favorite #5: Dark-hued bags

For this week's final favorite, it's all about one very important accessory (and one of my mother's favorite things ever): Dark-hued bags. And, it looks like I was actually, somewhat, maybe a forerunner of this fall must-have. I've sported a dark green bag for a few years now, and it's held up surprisingly well -- see the evidence here and here -- because, well, I can be a bit hard on things.

Well, those rich, dark colors will make the perfect arm candy, according to Glamour. Here, six bags that have caught my eye (all under $100)...
1. Dark red shoulder bag, $40.49
2. Chestnut shoulder bag, $44.09
3. Navy blue zipper crossbody bag, $21.59
4. Green handbag, $59
5. White crossbody bag, $12
6. Mustard leather shoulder bag, $79.95

What's your bag of choice, friends? Do you change bags each season? xoxo

P.S. Catch up on the rest of this year's Fall Favorites: Academically chic, oversized sweaters, pretty ponytails and emerald nails. :)


  1. In love with the mustard bag (I'm weak for anything mustard). Sadly, I don't change bags as often as I should (typically only when they're worn out lol)

  2. I definitely change bags each season--my fall fave is a mustard-colored bag!

  3. love all of them. I have a dark brown leather satchel that after 6 years or so is getting nice and beat up looking.

  4. Great pics! Love love love them :)


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