Monday, September 23, 2013

Man Candy Monday.

Good morning, friends! What's going on this morning? I'll be logging some time in the dentist chair for my six-month check up, so send me some good vibes for healthy teeth. Is it just me, or is sitting under that bright light totally nerve-wracking? I was so tempted last night to eat some sour Skittles, and then immediately thought, "Oh, no, I don't want to get in trouble tomorrow." So naturally, I put those little candies away. Stat. There was no time for fooling around. BUT! Today's guy should be a good substitute for our sweet fix this morning. After all, coolness must run in his family. He's a devoted father. And that accent...


"As a kid, you run around the house pretending to be a superhero, and now to be doing it as a job, I feel very lucky."


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