Monday, September 02, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: The Little Talks

By now, you know that I'm pretty big on writing. And having the perfect design to complement your writing is just the icing on the cake. Enter Deborah Lewis. Her Ontario-based shop The Little Talks features her creative photo stationery and paper goods, including get-well cards, thank-you cards, congratulations cards and birthday greetings. Lewis is a self-proclaimed lover of typography and loves pairing modern typography with classic black-and-white photos. Read on to find out the story behind the shop's name and why it's hard for her to choose a favorite item! xoxo

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Tell me about The Little Talks. What's the inspiration behind its launch? Its name?
The Little Talks is small line of photo stationery and paper goods that was born out of a passion for typography and the printed matter. I started my stationery line as a creative outlet to escape my daily life as a university student. The name The Little Talks refers to those little conversations or ‘talks’ that we have with our friends or loved ones through a handwritten note or greeting card.

When did you become interested in stationery and design?
Growing up, I was always creating and making things, whether it be cards or molding animals out of clay. Even throughout high school, I took creative classes and now as a university student, I am studying to attain a degree in printing technology. So, I didn't really think twice when it came to starting a creative business where I could showcase my love for photography and typography.

Why do you think a hand-written note is so important, as opposed to a quick text or email?
A hand-written note is able to express a level of intimacy that you can never quite convey through a text or email. It reminds others of how much you value their relationship, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t get excited when receiving something other than your monthly bills in the mail?

What are you top 3 tips for writing the perfect note?
1). Make it meaningful
2). Crack a joke or two
3). Keep it short and simple, silly (KISSS)

What is your favorite piece in your shop and why?
I like bit and pieces of all the cards in my shop, as I have personally taken all the photographs used as the background for the cards and have memories attached to each, but right now it would have to be the Feel Better card. It features a beautiful view from the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia with bold and fun typography that is sure to bring a smile to the receiver’s face or at least cause some people to fake a sickness just to receive this card!

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