Friday, September 20, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Signazon office supplies round-up

Next to school supplies, I'm a pretty big fan of office supplies. A huge fan, actually. And with the Internet and the rise of technology? Well, my addiction has only increased. So when Signazon asked if I'd like to round-up my favorite must-haves, I jumped at the chance. The online business supplies hub has been meeting companies' needs since 2005, and you can personalize everything from business cards to decals to banners to magnetic signs to posters.

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I couldn't help but daydream about all the creative possibilities! Here are five of my dream picks...
Personalized thank-you notes, $32.95 for a set of 100
Personalized party invitations, $32.95 for a set of 100
Personalized save-the-date magnets, $39.95 for a set of 100
Professional business cards, $19.95 for a set of 100
Oversize check (just for fun...), $49.92

What about you, friends? What would you include? I'd love to hear! xoxo

(This post was sponsored by Signazon, though the opinions expressed are my own. Thanks so much for continuing to support So About What I Said's wonderful sponsors!)

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