Friday, September 27, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Tiny Kingdom Print Shoppe

Don't let the name fool you. Laura's Los Angeles-based Tiny Kingdom Print Shoppe is anything but tiny. And, coming from someone who describes her personality as "funny, flirty and farty," how can we really expect anything less? Laura always loved stationery and greeting cards, but she could never find anything that truly captured her personality. Combine that with all the inspiration she gleaned from working part-time in a stationery shop, and her own online shop was born. Read on to find out the meaning behind the shop's name and Laura's advice for writing the perfect note! xoxo

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Tell me about Tiny Kingdom Print Shoppe. What's the inspiration behind its launch? Its name?
Tiny Kingdom Print Shoppe was inspired by my love of paper and writing. I work part-time in a stationery shop, and being surrounded by other small press designers motivated me to create my own cards and illustrations. The name for the shop was inspired by Gilda Radner, one of my favorite comedians/actresses ever! She has a comedy bit where she talks about a tiny kingdom, and that, plus the fact that I'm kind of the queen of my own tiny kingdom of cards, led me to decide it was the perfect name for my little shop(pe).

When did you become interested in stationery and design?
I've always been a paper person and love pen pals and good old-fashioned snail mail. When I discovered places like Paper Source and Kate's Paperie or Greenwich Letterpress in New York, I discovered a whole world of non-Hallmark style cards. Not that there's anything wrong with those; I love a fart sound effect card as much as anyone, but I like my cards cheekier and less-pastel/maudlin than a lot of drugstore cards. I've also basically been into every imaginable art since I was a kid, from drawing and painting to photography and ceramics, etc...

Why do you think a hand-written note is so important, as opposed to a quick text or email?
Hand-written notes are so much more special than anything in type. You actually have to take the time to think about what words you want to commit to paper, since you can't just delete the whole thing with a click of a button. It shows people you have more than a couple minutes for them to let them know you truly care about them. Plus, I always like to imagine one day someone might take my bundle of hand-written correspondence and put them in some library somewhere. You know, when I'm famous and dead. Imagine trying to do that with texts and e-mails filled with emoticons -- not quite as elegant!

What are you top 3 tips for writing the perfect note?
1). Be sincere. Whether you're expressing a serious emotion or a silly one, mean it! Putting pen to paper can be forever!
2). Have a memorable sign off. Not that 'sincerely' isn't adequate, but I find it's always more personal and fun to go with something like 'Cupcakes & Love," or "Cheers & beers."
3). If you don't know what to say, keep it simple! Express yourself, say what you gotta say and get outta there.
*For extra credit, ask a thoughtful question or two.
**For extra extra credit, include a hilarious doodle!
What is your favorite piece in your shop and why?
My favorite product of the moment would have to be my You Deserve A Cookie Card because everyone loves cookies and everyone deserves them!

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