Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Video Hello: My Walgreens addiction continues...


  1. Yay for Walgreens...always enjoy your videos, Melissa! :)

  2. Thanks, Liesl...i sometimes worry that people are getting annoyed with my videos. Glad to know you enjoy them!!

  3. Oh, no, not annoyed at all. Love them. Keep doing them. We all look forward to them.

  4. Hi Melissa: I just started watching your videos and I love them. You have MORE guts then I do. I actually follow you on Twitter. We have spoken before. My username is Kathy90277. I just recently got my blog up but I need to find some help. Any ideas? I LOVE your blog. I want mine to look interesting and a little lively. I am SO IMPRESSED with you. Keep up the good work and GREAT writings. You are an inspiration on so many levels. XO Kathy in California


Your lovely comments make my day so much sweeter! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!


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