Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dear Janelle: On your 28th birthday

Dear Janelle:
Well, here we are...your 28th birthday. This is only the second time we've been apart for your birthday, and needless to say, I miss you. I want to wrap you up in a giant hug. I want to dry your tears. I want to tell you that everything is going to be OK. I want us to laugh together like we used to. Do you remember those times? When we'd laugh about the oddest things that only we thought were funny, and we didn't care because we could always count on the other to understand.

You and I? We've been through a lot, that's for sure -- far more than many sisters our age. Maybe that's what makes us 'us.' You're the only person in this whole universe that I can ever imagine calling my sister. And believe it or not, I look up to you each and every day, in so many ways. I know what you're thinking, and I can actually picture you right now saying, "Stop, stop." But, no, no. I most certainly won't stop. I've looked up to you from that time you were about six, when you spent an entire day teaching yourself how to ride a bike and wouldn't come inside until you'd mastered it. I've looked up to you during all those times you sat with me in my hospital room, when most kids your age were swinging from the monkey bars on the playground. I've looked up to you for your determination in earning your college degree. I've looked up to you from the moment you were born, and even though you'd disagree with me know, I look up to you right now -- at this moment -- because you are working so very hard to get the help you've needed for so very long.
You know, you've been thanking us so much lately -- thanking us for helping you and for sticking by you through it all. Well, if you want my opinion (which, being your big sister, I know you do...), I don't think you should be the one doing the apologizing. I should be thanking you. Thanking you for everything. For all the love. For all the laughs. For all the hugs. For all the fun sisterly time. I've appreciated it all so much more than you'll ever know

I'm proud to call you my sister. I'm proud of the bond we have, and I look forward to more happy years together. So happy birthday, little sister. I love you, and you'll always be my #1 BEST FRIEND... xoxo


  1. You are so loving and kind - you and your sister are lucky to have one another.

    onebreath @

  2. Beautiful letter! Happy b-day to your sis! Best wishes!

  3. Your love for your sister and these personal thoughts are very sweet and lovely. Now I say the rest of this with kindness and concern and from the perspective of someone who works with job seekers. I do wonder how having her issues on the web might haunt her in her future career and life. It should be up to her to share her struggles. She may be fine with it all now, but being a private person (as you have mentioned she is) it may be an issue later. Your blog is pretty out there and easy to find, and with your last name being published, it's not hard to connect your family to your work. I'm sure these posts are popular with your readers and are cathartic for you. Just, please, think about what you're putting out there about your sister.

  4. Happy Birthday to Janelle! I hope things are getting better.

  5. Happy birthday to your sis! She is very blessed to have such a loving sis like you!

  6. This post was on a recent post called "other posts you might like" - I think this was beautiful ! BEST of friends should always be our siblings and with that is the case- we are truly blessed. Family ties are the most important ties that bind in this world ox


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