Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Family Photos: 10 photos of fall leaves

So! I know I'm going to sound like a broken record, but...how did October sneak up on us so quickly? It's like we blinked, and it was here. I've never been one to document the changing of the seasons, but for some reason this year, I found my eyes drawn to one particular tree every day. It's always fun to walk around our neighborhood and look at the fall foliage, but that one tree? Well, it just stood out among the many trees that line our street (and yes, that's my shadow in some of these photos, wheelchair wheel and all...).

It's the tree I see every time I stop typing away and look up from my desk. So I did a little experiment this year: I took photos as the leaves began to change. I took the first photo about two weeks ago when I saw the first hints of orange leaves.

Several evenings since then, I'd go outside and snap a few photos. Those orange leaves quickly turned into deep reds with the occasional yellow. I can't imagine what our neighbors thought, but it was exciting to get an up-close-and-personal look at nature marking the passage of time. It sort of felt like I was looking at nature under a microscope.

And last night, even the trees down the block were beginning to show their fall colors. Aren't they beautiful, friends? Do the leaves change in your backyard? xoxo


  1. Really beautiful, I hope you enjoy a great autumn, Melissa!

  2. How beautiful! The color change of the leaves is one of my favorite aspects of fall. I wish I could see this now, but alas there are no seasons in tropical climates! It will be nice to catch the tail end of this back in NY!


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  3. eh, it's still summer here. I'm envious of everyone who has fall already!

  4. Like changing of the leaves... bring on fall & all it's beautiful colors.


  5. The change is slow over here, but I love that. Gorgeous photos, Melissa!!


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