Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Family Photos: New fridge fun!

Shopping for appliances is a full-time job in itself! Shortly after my father died, we moved out of my childhood home. And now that we've been living in our current house for some 10 years, we're starting to hear all the creaks and see all the cracks. It's officially a lived-in house. Translation: Things are starting to go. It started last month when we had to replace the washing machine, and over the weekend, my mom opened our freezer, only to find that it wasn't well, freezing inside.
So, we made like pioneers and have been living out of two blue coolers for the last few days -- I never thought I'd miss having ice in my Diet Coke as much as I have!

This morning, a huge moving truck pulled up, and two men began the big task of disassembling our old, tired out fridge. It was a fridge that served us well for an entire decade, so it was a bit sad to see it go.
The new fridge is all pretty and new and shiny -- and we'll have ice again!!
Even Harry approves, so you know it's good!! Fingers crossed that the rest of our appliances keep running smoothly... xoxo


  1. Unfortunately appliances seem to have a shorter life than in the good old days. Ten years seems to be a built in obsolescence.

  2. Wo 10 years. That is really good for a fridge. We got ours replaced a couple of months ago. Sadly when the apartment manager sent someone out to look at it they measured wrong and we ended up with a fridge 1/4" too big to for our kitchen. That had to take it away, but that was a very long weekend.


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