Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy National Cat Day!

Proud Cat Lady here! Did you really think I was going to let something like National Cat Day slip by under the radar? If you did, friends, then you don't really know me or my cats all that well...

But seriously, National Cat Day is more than just an excuse to show off your hip cat. Founded by animal advocate Colleen Paige in 2005, it's a day to raise awareness about the number of cats that need to be rescued and adopted each year. You can visit the official adoption portal to learn more. Cat Lovers of the World, unite! xoxo


  1. Haha, I accidentally posted about my cat today, how awesome is that :)

  2. So fabulous - I love the cat pics :)

    onebreath@ nowherelife.com

  3. Aw, so cute! And I'm definitely a cat lady too:)

    Happy cat day!



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