Monday, October 07, 2013

Man Candy Monday.

Good Monday morning, friends! I hope your week is off to a bright start. After the weekend I had (more on that in a bit...), I needed someone to make me smile, and well, today's man has been making me chuckle for years. He's not afraid to be himself. He's got a boyish grin that will melt your heart. And, he brought The Muppets back to the silver screen...

JASON SEGEL!!!!!!!!!!

"I always have awkward relationships with the ladies for whatever reason. I don't know and so here we are. I was able to sort of take all of those terrible, terrible, terrible dates and turn them into a money making venture."


  1. Yes! I love Jason Segel! Though I have to say (perhpas due to sky high expectations) I was a bit disappointed with the Muppets... but I did LOVE that dracula puppet act in Forgetting Sarah Marshall<3

  2. P.S. Did you see I Love You, Man? If not, go do it;)

  3. haha this guy cracks me up - even in the Muppets!


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