Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Must-watch: Netflix original series

Over the summer, my mom and I found ourselves in need of a new show. Frasier will always be that show we go back to, but we were looking for something new for the summer. A few summers ago, we watched every season of House. Last summer, it was 7th Heaven. This year, after hearing great things about the new Netflix original series, we were intrigued...

House of Cards follows Kevin Spacey as Congressman Francis Underwood, a ruthless politician who will do anything -- and does! -- to climb to the top. It's one of those on-the-edge-of-your-seat political thrillers, and I even found myself biting my nails during some episodes! Oh, and Kate Mara rocks it as a budding investigative reporter.
Then a few weeks ago, we started watching Orange Is The New Black, and needless to say, we're already hooked! Suburbanite Piper Chapman's past catches up with her, resulting in her being sentence to 15 months in a women's prison. As she begins to assimilate to prison life, we also learn the back stories of her cell mates, which is what makes this series all the more interesting. The lesson from this show: I would never, ever survive prison life. Ever.

So, what shows are you watching these days, friends? Has anyone watched Hemlock Grove, another Netflix original? xoxo


  1. Have yet to see this film - thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed it with your mama.

  2. I adored both of these shows–thank goodness for Frasier back ups!

  3. I LOVE House of Cards and OITNB, I have watched a little bit of Hemlock Grove but I wasn't crazy about it - it was a little too...I don't know, something for me.


  4. I haven't watched House of Cards yet, I looooved OITNB and can't wait for the 2nd season. Hemlock Grove was really good, if you like True Blood you will enjoy it. I just started watching Pretty Little Liars and I am so addicted!

  5. I LOVED House of Cards. Orange is the New Black was good too. Right now I'm watching Season 3 of Louie. He's the best. ;)


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