Thursday, October 24, 2013

Would You Rather: Listen to your heart or your head?

Pop quiz: If you had to make all your decisions using strictly your heart or your head, which would you choose? We all know that I've had some issues going the heart route (Crush Boy, anyone?), but we also know that I have a slight tendency to over-analyze, oh, just about everything, so where does that leave me...?

Quick, choose a side, and let us know your pick on the comments! xoxo


  1. I have to ditto the gut suggestion. Mind you I went with my heart in moving countries to be with the guy I loved, I think if i'd of listened to my head I would have talked myself out of it!

  2. I lead too much with my heart :) I would rather more with my head!

  3. Listen, eventually head and heart have to sync. As much as we can't ignore any of those, heart will always have to lead. Following your heart will show you the way/give you the answers. Afterwards, your head will understand why. :) XO,

  4. My heart hands down. It never fails me. My head on the other hand. Well that's all trouble.

  5. HEAD. All the way. Put it this way: do you go with the intelligent option, or the emotional option? Lol.


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