Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Beatles concert photos

I've always been a fan of boy bands, and that is something that will never change (more on that later...), so when I discovered these concert photos from a Beatles concert in 1964, my inner 13-year-old fangirl wanted to scream right along with the audience. The concert took place in Washington D.C. on February 11th, just two days after the Fab Four's groundbreaking first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

And then it hit me: What's so awesome and endearing about these photos is not because they're from a Beatles concert -- that is cool, though -- but because you could look at them without knowing where they were taken or what year they're from, and you'd still get that same fangirl-y feeling. These girls could have been going wild over Donnie Wahlberg, singing along with *Nsync or screaming for the Jonas Brothers (well, not anymore, but you get the idea...). These photos are timeless. They capture the essence that is the boy band hysteria.

What do you think, friends? What bands have you found yourself swooning over? Don't be afraid to share... xoxo


  1. I will never understand this strange phenomenon. As much as I adore the Beatles, I will never get it. Funny pictures though! Actually, I do kind of look like these girls when someone gives me cheesecake. So then again...


    P.S. I'm having a fun giveaway over at Because of Madalene. I remember you liked last years autumn wreath, so thought I'd let you know about this one. :)

  2. I'm a total fangirl and these are wonderful photos!! Hahaha they're so EXCITED! I go nuts for The Backstreet Boys and Josh Groban--and love to see them live every chance I can--which has so far been once each :).

    Thanks for sharing these and reminding me of how great our fave artists can be!

  3. these photos are so fun! i love love the beatles :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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