Friday, November 01, 2013

Fashion Friday: Funny mittens for winter

It's November! It's freezing today! You know what that means, friends...winter's a-coming! And, yes, I did just use the word a-coming because when you're describing a force as mighty as winter, no other word in the English language will do.

But who says you can't ease into winter in style? A good pair of mittens is practically a prerequisite for surviving these cold Midwestern winters, and sadly, I'm very unprepared this year -- oops! Here are four pairs that have caught my eye...
Hi! Bye! mittens, $8.80
Hands Off mittens, $10.68
French Fry mittens, $12
Batman mittens, $16.95

Well, friends, which pair is your favorite? Here's to us surviving winter together! We can do it, right??? xoxo

[Comic by Gemma Correll]

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