Friday, November 08, 2013

Funny comic about Millennials

I've always felt a bit in-between when it came to which generation I belonged in. My birth year (1981...!) is right on the edge between Gen X and the Millennials; some say I'm a Millennial, and others say I'm not. But I let out a big chuckle when I came across this funny's so true, isn't it?

And here's a fun quiz: How Millennial are you? Go ahead and take the quiz, and share your score in the comments! Also, what generation are you in? Do you feel like you belong? Does it match your personality xoxo

[Comic via I Love Charts]


  1. I scored 76. It looks like the line for millennial is 73. I figured it'd be about that. I was born in 1987, so I'm definitely in the millennial generation, but that above picture soooooo does not describe me. What makes me a millennial is that I text a lot and have a couple of extra piercings in my left ear. :)

  2. I got 74%. I was born in 82 and feel like I'm part of a bridge generation. On one hand I tweet, understand technology, but remember a time before the internet. My daughter is a budding tech guru and she is only 4. I can explain all the technology that she wants to her grandparents, explain to them how to open the photos in e-mails I send to them, and translate all of the things that "the kids these days" are using to them in a way they understand. One the other hand. I can expalin to my daughter was a phone (not a cell phone) is and know that online life isn't as good as real life. Sometimes I feel like a translator between two worlds.

  3. Whoa, what?? I got 49...what is going on?? :(

  4. This was great thanks for posting! I was born in 83 and scored a solid 99% lol.


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