Monday, November 25, 2013

Man Candy Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! We're just three days away from one of my all-time favorite holidays -- are you excited? Speaking of Thanksgiving, something tells me a lot of people will be packing theaters over the long weekend to see this guy's latest movie. Why wouldn't they? He's dashing. He's talented. And, his superstar status hasn't gone to his head...


"I know my life is full of awkward pauses, and I think it's hilarious."

P.S. My love of Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth too! :)


  1. yep he is a cutie. i cant wait to see the new movie! xo

  2. I remember watching the movie last year and thinking he was cute, but then felt creepy when I realized he was Bucky in Kicking and Screaming. :)


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