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Sponsor Spotlight: Shop Boxie

By now, it's pretty obvious that my sense of style is pretty casual and laid-back (two words: polo shirts). But don't let that fool you -- a casual style certainly doesn't mean boring. It can be both fresh and simple at the same time. That's the beauty of Boxie, the Los Angeles-based clothing boutique full of tops, dresses, sweaters and bottoms. And even better? Boxie is a family business, says owner Tracy. Read on for how architecture influenced Tracy, her fashion tips and her favorite item in her shop! xoxo

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Tell me a bit about your shop. What's the inspiration behind its launch?
I started working in the tee shirt world when I was fresh out of college. My aunt and uncle owned a great company called Grassroots that was located in Santa Monica. They were very cool to hire me, and I apprenticed under them. There has always been a drive I recognized at an early age that I wanted to own my own business, and while working for Grassroots, it hit me...this is what I want to do! So, 11 years later, I finally felt the time was right to start on my own. Grassroots was a beginning inspiration for Boxie Tees but, as Boxie develops, I can see how our look comes from a source I found much earlier in my life. "Form Follows Function," the main principle behind modern architecture, was ingrained in me through my architect father. I always use this as the essence for designing Boxie Tees. It should feel fresh and new but be perfectly simple. Each piece should be so easy and comfortable you want to wear it every day. This is where the "wash, rinse, repeat" part of our name came from. Boxie is eponymous for our most popular tee, the Original Short Sleeve V-neck, as it has a boxy shape but is a perfectly simple women's essential. We also make all our clothing domestically. U.S.A. Made! It is very important to us to stay in Los Angeles and support what is here, to keep it here.

What are some trends we're seeing as we move into the fall? What are some of your favorite fashion trends?
There are so many continuing trends for fall/winter 2013 that I just love and think of as classic: animal print, camo print, the sweatshirt, the tee shirt and leather. We get to continue wearing these trends in ALL forms (i.e. leather tee shirts!). There is a military influence that I am really feeling right now, and I like it in its most stripped down form: a bomber jacket and aviator sunglasses. Think Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Love it!

What are some things people should keep in mind when shopping for clothes?
Two things come to mind...

1. Always, and I can't stress this enough, stay true to what you like and know what works best for you. Right now, there are so many overwhelming trends that it can be very confusing. There's no need to try and do it all. Pick what you love, and go with that. It always works.
2. Be aware of what you are buying. Research it. For example, I am a supporter of Made in U.S.A. and have to be true to that. Most of the clothing some of my favorite brands produce is made overseas...and I choose not to purchase what isn't made here in the States.

What are some ways that people can still look chic for less?
Recycle! Seriously, I shop in thrift/vintage stores a lot. You can find amazing pieces that add depth to your wardrobe. If second-hand doesn't work for you, then being an educated shopper is key. Window shop and compare prices. Make sure to edit your wardrobe regularly. You will be amazed at how different a simple sweater from last year can look this year and how to play with it and make it a fresh item to wear. It is all about how you pull it all together.
What is your favorite piece in your shop and why?
This is a very difficult question for me. I tend to love so much! But at this very moment, my favorite piece I keep wearing over and over is the Teresa Stripe Sweatshirt for fall. I wear it in indigo blue, and I wear it with everything -- over a maxi dress, with short shorts, with boyfriend jeans, etc. It's a bit oversized and can drape off the shoulder and it's

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  1. I like animal prints as well. They are surprisingly wear-able. The store looks interesting. I'd love to shop there.


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