Monday, November 25, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Two Little Doves

I've always appreciated people who pay attention to details. That's Mindy's very philosophy in her California-based jewelry shop Two Little Doves. She creatively infuses tiny hints of glimmer into her necklaces, lockets, bracelets, earring and rings. She introduces "new, fresh and lovely" items every week, and I love how each piece is reminiscent of a whimsical fairy tale. Read on for her take on fall trends and her expert shopping tips! xoxo

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Tell me a bit about your shop. What's the inspiration behind its launch?
Two Little Doves makes handmade jewelry that is inspired by nature and the simple delicate shapes in the world. We create jewelry that adds to a woman's beauty instead of being a distraction. I love the little hint of glimmer or shine that a petite necklace creates. I often couldn't find the simple jewelry I was envisioning, so I learned how to make jewelry that I would want to wear. I was finally able to create the custom pieces I couldn't previously find. I had always loved Etsy. It's a treasure chest full of great finds! I decided to launch a store and share the delicate creations with my fellow Etsians.

What are some trends we're seeing as we move into the fall? What are some of your favorite fashion trends?
I feel I am behind the times a bit, but I just found a love for scarves! Living in Southern California, cold weather isn't a common occurrence. I always thought scarves were reserved for snowy days. I was wrong! I love the light fabric scarves that add a hint of personality to an everyday look. You can find scarves with fun stripes, exciting pops of color and even tiny elephants. The possibilities are endless!

What are some things people should keep in mind when shopping for jewelry?
Jewelry is the frosting on a cake. It's the accessory that can express your personality the best. When shopping for jewelry, you should ask yourself if it represents you! Whether it's a coral beaded necklace or large dangly owl earrings, you want to wear what speaks to you. Also, keep in mind what length you like for necklaces. I love necklaces that are around 15-18 inches. Those sizes will rest right on the chest or on the collar bone. If you prefer a long necklace, perhaps go with a 22-25 inch. Don't forget, you can always layer your favorite jewelry! Since there are tons of jewelry to choose from, you can also narrow your search by figuring out your favorite metal. Do you like the elegance of gold, the sleekness of silver or the sweet color of rose gold? All these elements will help you find your next jewelry piece!

What are some ways that people can still look chic for less?
It's true, being chic can be expensive! I would recommend buying handmade! For many fun things, you can find more competitive prices because artisans often don't have large buildings or a huge staff as an added expense. With these reduced costs, they can offer their lovely items for less than most retail stores. Your item will be very unique and can even be made custom for you. That's just a bonus!
What is your favorite piece in your shop and why?
I love the stamped custom initial necklace (gold + silver) because it is a great gift anyone can enjoy. You can get initials of your kids, your spouse or even your pets! To add another personal touch, I can add a tiny colorful crystal. It can represent a birthstone, your favorite color or a color you just wear often! There are many options for this piece. I love when someone purchases this necklace; they are often thinking of someone they love.


  1. love the layers of delicate necklaces! xo

  2. beautiful stuff, their jewellery are so delicate, just my style!

    thanks so much for your lovely comment!

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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