Monday, December 09, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Part #1: Your mom who loves to Zumba on Saturday mornings and can always find a way to make you laugh

A crystal tree ornament to remind her of all the years you decorated the tree together, $18.
Peppermint snow mint cookies to satisfy her sweet tooth (and because she loves everything peppermint...), $21.99.
A pair of Happy Socks for when she wants to get her dancing on in Zumba (she'll be the envy of everyone in class!), $12.
Healing stone mugs (set of four, each with their own electromagnetic energy pattern) to bring her calm and peace on those hectic days, $22.
An embroidered bird pouch to match her speedy energy and cute fashion sense, $28.
A Burt's Bees travel set to keep by her bed or use on the go, $15.
A personalized family members throw pillow cover, so she'll be with her family every night, $49.95.
Two necklaces -- one for you and one for her -- so you'll always be close to each other's hearts, $
Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes For Kids because she's really a big kid at heart, $3.28.
A 12-pack of Diet Coke because that's how she starts her day -- and because it's the little things that make her the happiest.
The Note Me Rewritable Pillow for late-night list making, $49.
A brass elephant ring holder for all her treasures, $14.99.
Touchscreen gloves for cold days, $29.
A pair of blue drumstick ballpoint pens because she loves music and writing, $7.95.
Gold-tone daisy earrings for a touch of whimsy, $45.
Green-shoot sprout bookmark for her favorite pastime, $8.19.
A welcome mat to host family and friends, $35.
Gold-plated edges post it notes for royal note-taking, $9.03.

And retro vinyl record bowls ($12) and an turntable kitchen timer ($13.99), so she can host fun, music-themed parties.

P.S. More gifts for moms.

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