Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Part #2: Your dad who's a bit quirky, loves telling stories and watched Dawson's Creek with you

Gentlemen's Hardware iPad case to bring him into the 21st Century, $34.
His favorite album by The Beach Boys -- his favorite band -- to remind him of his childhood, $11.88.
A funny tee because he really does have an uncanny knack for remembering movie quotes, $24.99.
A set of math glasses for all those years he helped you with your algebra homework, $38.
Working Man's Hygiene Kit, so he can relax after a long day at work, $50.
Send him nine Polaroid stickers of your family to make him smile every time he opens the fridge -- they stick to almost anything, $24.99.
A neighborhood art print for his office -- and to remind him where he came from, $20.
What I Love About You By Me book, so he'll know -- year-round -- just how much he means to you, $10.
This shaving bowl for its rustic charm, $40.95.
A loving card because it expresses everything you want to say so perfectly, $5.
A retro stylus pen since he's attached to his iPad, $12.06.
A silicone key chain because you'll always be a daddy's girl, $19.
A new wallet, $44.22.

A funny t-shirt ($26) and a funny bank ($9.19) because he's the funniest guy you know.
Nickle cuff links for fancy nights out, $36.
A reversible magnetic tie because, well, it's just so cool, $39.99.
A portable radio speaker for listening to his favorite tunes, $39.
USB Man, $25.
A mini aroma alarm clock that can wake you up by sound or smell, $30.

P.S. More gifts for dads.

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