Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Part #3: Your sister who could read all day, loves trying new foods and is oh-so-wise beyond her years

Winter Home Candles (set of 3) because she loves to read by candlelight, $49.
This sub sandwich pocket pouch for obvious reasons (though she might like this Stay Chic one, $17.95, better...), $18.
Hit Your Stride bangle to remind her to never give up -- ever, $48.

Two fun mugs -- a crossword and word search mug -- celebrating her inner smarty pants, $20 each.
A colorful leather notebook because she's been meaning to start journaling, $6.95. (Bonus: The journals are eco-friendly!).
The Women of SNL DVD to make her laugh, $5.79.
Gold pig bookends, so her favorite books will always be nearby, $29.95.
A slate cheese board for fun parties -- and because you both share a love of cheese, $29.99.
This single-cup coffee maker because a morning java jolt is her newest obsession, $19.99.
An initial signet ring to remind her how much you love her, $36.
A gorgeous bracelet to make her smile, $18.
A nerd ring, $6.
This heart hole punch for a girlie touch, $14.76.
A wooden flashlight, so she never loses her way, $49.
A collapsible water bottle to match her on-the-go lifestyle, $12.20.
Cork board map to document all her travels, $24.66.
A roll up electronic digital keyboard, $42.10.
Psychedelic iPhone case, $40.
A cute mini desk vacuum because, well, it's just so darn cute, $19.95.
And a mini camera to captures life's special moments, $39.

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