Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Part #4: Your best friend who loves scary movies and never forgets your birthday

These classic striped pajamas ($19.80) and sleep mask ($28) for Saturday morning marathon lounging sessions.
DIY bath salts kit for unwinding in the evenings, $40.
A KIND Classic Variety Cube of 16 different types of snack bars, including almond, sea salt, dark chocolate and blueberry pecan, $34.95.
This fun gold fortune cookie for all her little treasures, $25.
A beautiful bouquet of Peruvian lilies for her desk (includes 25 stems and 100 colorful blooms), $19.99. This Foodie Garden Grow Kit ($22) is awesome too.
Alfred Hitchcock: The Essential Collection, which features five of the iconic director's nail-biting thrillers, $32.49.
An infinity bracelet to remind her that you'll be BFFs forever, $17.50.
An idiom pencil set to make her smile when she's working, $20.
A heartfelt note because having her as a friend just feels like home, $5.
A pair of knit mittens (those ears!) to match her quirky personality, $12.95.
Be The Change paperweight to keep her honest, $36.
This Color Me Swooooon coloring book (full of your celeb crushes; Channing Tatum, anyone?!?) for silly girly get-togethers, around $16.
A home for your keys, so she never loses hers again, $16.16.
Fun shaped push pins, $12.
Punch bag laundry bag to make the mundane chore a bit more fun, $26.95.
Hawaiian-print bobby pins in honor of her favorite spot, $12.
Windproof storm umbrella for those rainy walks to work, $49.50.
An ombre hair chalk set for a change, $14.
DC Comics USB flash drives for her inner geek, $19.99.
Grass-lined flip flops, $39.99.
Ha, a funny t-shirt, $36.
And a t-shirt to honor her favorite animal, $16.02.

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