Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Part #5: Your little cousin who loves dancing to oldies, running through the sprinkler and is always ready with a smile

Our World Jumbo Puzzle ($16.99) and the beautifully illustrated book Maps ($35) to celebrate their adventurous spirit and inner cartographer.

Two sets of Tattly temporary tattoos, like the circus set or the kids mix, $15 each.
Snug As A Bug Hat for keeping warm in the winter while making all those snowmen, $20.
Teddy bear bank for a fun way to save -- and learn about -- money, $24.

A classic kids game, like pick-sticks ($7.95) or Candy Land ($11.98).
This bashful donkey, so they'll have a trusty sidekick, $30.
Real sugar maple leaf night light because it's awesome -- just like your little cousin, $27.99.
A bean bag chair for watching Saturday morning cartoons, $49.96.
A dinosaur backpack to give them an extra boost of confidence at school, $43.
Black cat sweater because you're both cat people, $23.84.
A magnetic wooden toy rocket (complete with a spinning propeller!) for the future astronaut, $20.
A color-changing hat just like in Back To The Future, their favorite movie, $23.63.
And the book to go with it, $25.92.
Fun balloon animals kit, $11.26.
This sky umbrella for keeping them dry on the way to school, $23.09.
Hulk decals for their room, $25.99.
A constellation projecting turtle night light to ward off bad dreams, $34.95.
A set of six animal party balloons, $14.
A bean bag sled for fun snow days, $49.95.
Their favorite Disney character to wake them up every morning, $31.50.
Magnatab writing board to make learning fun, $18.21.

P.S. The Holiday Gift Guide 2013 so far...

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  1. i do love that cat sweater :) and i can't wait for my niece to be old enough to play with some of these goodies!

  2. as i was doing this post, i kept thinking, "man, i want some of these for myself!"


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