Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Part #8: Ten delightful stocking stuffers

Heart-shaped drinking straws for sweet drinks, $8.
Pixel magnets for your geeky best friend, $3.
A deck of playing cards bound notebook for her love of games, $8.13.
Pop culture pencils to commemorate her favorite character, $8.
Her favorite book, $17.99.
This Statue of Liberty globe for her desk, so she can always remember her favorite trip, $14.19.
A chalkboard coffee mug for leisurely morning, $8.99.
An LED whistle key finder with an LED light because she's always losing her keys, $12.95.
A Holiday Hair Tie Tin to add a pop of color to holiday outfits, $20.
Look twice! A nail polish iPhone case to, well, match her own nails, $7.99.

P.S. You can also read more Gift Guides here: Mom, Dad, Sister, Best Friend, Little Cousin, Co-worker and Pet.

(I've partnered with on some of today's picks. though the opinions expressed are my own. is a social shopping community where its product catalog is curated by its members. Look for a few more fun posts from TheStore over the next week. Thanks so much for continuing to support So About What I Said's wonderful sponsors!)


  1. we love all your picks, especially the heart shaped straws, they would be perfect for parties!!

  2. Beautiful presentation of the blog by using awesome pictures. Also i appreciate to the photographer who click the pictures.


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