Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Peek Inside: My Christmas goodies

This year, we tried to keep things really simple when it came to gift giving. And perhaps (not so) surprisingly, we had a great Christmas. One of the fun parts? Since my mom has been making us stockings since we were kids (is it bad to look forward to one when you're over 25...?), I came up with a cool idea that (hopefully!) will be a new tradition for us: We each gave stockings to the other two people. So, for example, I made two stockings -- one for my mom and one for my sister -- so it was fun to dig into two stockings on Christmas morning!

We even tried to keep it light when it came to gifts -- just a few little things for each of us. As I was organizing my gifts a few nights ago, I couldn't help but notice a pattern -- my family knows me all too well. I, apparently, become a giddy schoolgirl over three things: Shopping, food and pop culture. Naturally, there is some overlap there, but you get the idea...
And my sister really, really knows the way to my heart... xoxo


  1. Looks like you and your family had a very pleasant Christmas. This is my kind of celebration...keep it light and simple and celebrate with good food, drinks, family and friends.

  2. Stockings are the best part of Christmas!! Every year I look forward to making them for my family.


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